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A while back I tried to set up a hackintosh on my laptop.  It DIDN'T work.  I as documenting what I did as I went so I could remember what I did should I try to do it again.  I found answers to a number of gotchas but in the end, it just didn't work.  I have yet to find someone with Inspiron e1505 to successfully do it (I would love to find someone that did).  I'll leave this here as a warning for those that are going to try this.  If you get this working on the same (or very similar) model laptop, email me at ricochet2200  gmail.  I'll let you fill in the blanks on that address ;)

Here's the article as I wrote it when I thought I could setup a hackintosh:

I've always like Macs.  I do however, consider them one of the most proprietary companies I can think of.  I also think their hardware is overpriced and I don't think they have a right to decide what hardware I can and can not put their OS on.  I've decided to take my laptop and see if I can install OS X on it.  I'm including the hang ups I've come across along with how I've solved them, YMMV.


I'm using my Dell Inspiron e1505,  a pretty popular model--at least it was a while back.  This particular model has the following parts:
  • Intel centrino Duo 2.0 Ghz processor
  • 80 Gb HD
  • ATI 128 MB Graphics Card (don't remember the exact model)
  • 2 Gb RAM (That's all this bad boy will allow)
YOU MUST HAVE AN INTEL PROCESSOR FOR THIS TO WORK!!!  Ideally you also want it to have at least 2 cores.

Steps for Single Boot (this OS only)

  1. Google "iATKOS torrent" and download the file and burn it to a DVD.  If you don't know how to do that this tutorial is probably going to be over your head.  Also, don't get a virus ;)
  2. Put the DVD in your computer and boot up the computer from the disc (not the hard drive).  You can make sure you are doing this by checking the boot menu or the BIOS.  Again, if you don't know how to do this you might just want to buy a mac : )
  3. It will eventually start up and start looking like a mac.  Go through the menus until you get to the software license agreement.  READ THIS, IT HAS INSTRUCTIONS.  If you're like me, you won't actually know what a lot of this is talking about but some of it will make sense later.  DON'T CLICK AGREE yet.
  4. Utilities->Disk Utility...
  5. Click on the top level disk on the left, you may see some other disks (representing partitions) below it.  You'll know you've selected the right one if you see a "Partition" tab in the menu on the top right.  Click the erase tab and select "Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)" for Volume format.  Give it a name.  DO NOT INCLUDE A SPACE IN YOUR NAME.  Quit the disk Manager.
  6. Utilities->Darwin Loader ... type Y.  Your HD # is either 0 or 1.  If there is a blank line printed after you typed your number, you typed the wrong one.  You should see something like "/dev/disk0".  Your partition number is 1.  You should also see something printed out.  If you are using a newer (after ~2005) type y, otherwise n.  If there are no errors continue, otherwise google your errors and get them fixed.
  7. Now you may now click agree on the license agreement.
  8. Select your hard drive.  There should only be one.
  9. Select "Customize".  Select everthing->Ok->Install.
I got it to install correctly a few times, but I never could get it to reboot.  Hopefully you'll get farther than I did.